Who we are

Care Services

The range of health care services we provide is rather wide and it includes all types of supportive care provided in the home, and/or places of our clients’ residence.
Find out the whole list of Santillana health care services, available for all USA residents throu

Jobs & Training

We constantly keep broadening, and every year our staff is replenished with new members of our health care family. That’s why we improve our qualification annually.
Learn more about our latest vacancies and ways of training we use to deliver a high level of serv

Care Funding

        • High level of home health care service needs an appropriate level of funding, and we pay a lot of attention to this point of our services.
          Discover the ways of funding our services and get the latest information about your possible assi

          How We Care

          Purposes of providing home health care services are literary endless and we pay a lot of attention to the quality and dedication in offering them.
          Find out more about our care and why we always think about quality of our services.